A New Look, A New Day

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Wish I was on that catwalk!

I went on an adventure to Target this weekend to look at fall clothes to share with you all and was surprised to find a fantastic new line, A New Day.

This grey sweater was the first thing I saw and loved
Mix and match perfection
These ankle pants are super adorable

A New Day is one of the new lines to come out from the store and I am so impressed! It fully launched this weekend and is available at all Target store and online as well.

Love that its nice but has some more casual pieces too
This sweater was SO soft! Meg said it felt like kittens

I asked one of the team members who was talking about the collection and she said that it was replacing the Merona brand and is more mix and match friendly than the previous line.

This skirt slays me. Will be in the wardrobe soon.
Fancy looking but super cute shoes!

The looks are somewhat vintage and would be perfect for work or looking well put together when you go out for the day. Even though I wear work clothes that are pretty plain and not fun, I plan on picking up a few of these pieces, especially the yellow skirt that looks similar to the iconic dress Emma Stone wore in La La Land (and there’s some sweet patent shoes that make me think of the film as well).

Hello Sunshine Jacket
Oh the yummy stretch
Love this pocket detail!

One of the best things I found was an adorable denim jacket that is made of sweet stretch denim. I tried this guy on and was excited to see it fit pretty well. I have a hard time finding jackets that fit sometimes, so this was an exciting moment- plus it was only priced $29.99!

This color and vintage look screams to me LOVE!

The sizes for A New Day go up to 18 in store (for some items) and 26 online- Target is doing it right!

Hats, purses and fall galore!
There’s even scarves and ponchos!
Need. These. Purses.
Rose Slip Ons
Super on trend with the roses
Meg said the little bag looked like a T rex would carry it- I love that it could be a crossbody with the strap

I’d also be crazy to not mention the line includes accessories such as bags, shoes and hats. I only saw a few of these in the store, but they are fantastic as well- they are super cute and will be perfect for the upcoming fall season.

A New Day got me so excited when I stumbled upon it that I just had to share it will all of you! Plus, when you order online (especially all the plus sizes not available in stores), you can get free shipping with your $35 wardrobe upgrade!


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