All Things Fall


The days have gotten a little cooler finally and the crispness in the air has me stoked- it’s time to start up the best season of all- Fall!

This is my favorite season as it feels like a fresh start- blame it on working in schools. On top of that, the leaves start falling, activities head outside since it’s not sweltering and there’s so much to do around my hometown of Chattanooga.

Fall, as seen from atop Rock City

I love traveling during the fall too, especially seeing the gorgeous leaves here in Tennessee. Something about the mountains and their bright foliage makes me giddy. We are traveling to Nashville in October and I can’t wait to see what the leaves look like when we drive up.

Loss & I done up, Fall 2016

The fashion also adds to my love of the Fall as well. Flannels and tights and boots make me smile. I’ve been given some amazing Lula Roe leggings and have barely been able to wear them due to the summer heat and I am so excited to mix and match some outfits with them soon. What can I say, cozy is my aesthetic!

And of course, there’s also the food that screams Fall happiness to me. Besides the typical pumpkin spice latte, there’s also pumpkin spice everything else- especially the yummy pumpkin donuts at Dunkin Donuts. Fall also brings out the yummy German food that my family (and now Loss) tends to make. From German potato salad to brats with my favorite, yummiest mustard, Fall makes my stomach super happy. Oh, and how could I forget: Apple Cider. #Happiness

The best donut of Fall: Pumpkin!

Basically, I’ve noticed I love the coziness of the Fall season.  It makes me feel safe and comfortable, at home and inspired.

What do you love about Fall? Is it your favorite season? What do you dig the most about it?


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