Stir Brunch and Choo Choo Adventures

This afternoon, one of my oldest friends from college, Carleigh, came through town and we grabbed brunch and hung out for a little bit before she traveled on to Atlanta for work this week. We haven’t seen each other in a little over a year and the amazing brunch was just the trick to hang out and catch up.

Stir is located in the Chattanooga Choo Choo (yep, just like the song says) and is super yummy food. It’s a higher end southern restaurant that specializes in oysters, cocktails and all things scratch made.

I got (for a second time) the country grilled cheese sandwich (pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, ham – my ham was on the side because I feel it is too much salt when put together) and it was super good. The side of fries are some of the best I’ve had in town as well- yum!  Carleigh ordered the Shrimp and Crab Benedict and she seemed to enjoy it quite well- her plate was cleared quickly (besides the quartered potatoes that were the side- I ate them right up, she didn’t like the size).

After the delish meal, we took a stroll around the Choo Choo and I showed Carleigh the awesome murals that line the side of the building (across from the actual Chattanooga Choo Choo). We were being super silly and taking pictures together (did I mention Carleigh is gorgeous- and single, fellas!).

So the gorgeous part is probably why the next thing happened- as we were taking photos, we hear “Are you girls doing a photo shoot thing?” and next thing we know, we have the Weasel in our faces. Yes, Pauly Shore, that Weasel. So we took the photos he insisted on. It was one of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had in my hometown. Can’t help but make memories when these two girls get together, I guess…

I’m so glad that Carleigh and I got to get some girl time in today and catch up after so long. I also love seeing my town through other people’s eyes and hope that we have many more adventures here and elsewhere together. Glad we had enough weirdness happen to make a good blog post, CB.  Love ya, friend!


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