Monday Manifesto: Loyalty

Motivation Monday is a series of posts to help inspire the week. It could be quotes, a post on a certain character trait or quality. Read on and hopefully be inspired or at least give these things a thought this week. 

Being loyal- that’s a trait I seek in others and value almost more than any other.

Loyal friends are the ultimate find- at the beginning of any relationship, it’s difficult to judge if the person who’s new to you will stand by your side and have your back or not.

It’s reasonable that even someone you are very loyal to, you may find a time that you need to step away for your own sake. Loyalty can be self sacrificing, but not to a fault. If a situation isn’t good for you, don’t feel bad confronting it or even leaving it. As was covered in 31 Days of Self Care, don’t confuse hurting yourself with loyalty. Do not feel guilty making sure you take care of number one.

“Never let your loyalty make a fool of you” -Anon

Besides not being fairly treated, let your friends know you’re there for them- be honest, even when you aren’t thrilled over things. Let them know you genuinely care about them and are their friends, you are loyal to them, but something just isn’t right.

“I may not always be there with you, but I will always be there for you” -Anon

I can’t guarantee if they’re just as loyal back, they will see the error in their ways- or atleast address it- and then you can both go on with your relationship. In the end, the main objective of being loyal to someone else is to let them know you are there- and there to stay.



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