Adulting: Going to One Car

Jenny on Sunrail
If only we had a train like Sunrail to get around…

This weekend, we’re doing something that makes me nervous: we’re going down to one car. Oi vey.

There’s pretty good reasons to go down to one set of wheels, mainly to save money to buy another one next summer hopefully. We recently learned we had to buy the older car we are borrowing from family (yay car insurance) or go down to one car. After doing the math and factoring in paying for the car and putting insurance on it, it makes more sense to hold off, have one car and save that for our purchase down the road.

Loss and I have schedules that are almost opposite when it comes to work, so with a little help from folks when he needs a ride from school, we’re pretty sure we can handle it. I mean, why not cut down on what we spend and spend some more time together? We’re going to try it out…


HRC sticker on the Prius
My Prius with the beautiful HRC sticker! ❤

But I can’t help but be a little nervous to drive that other car over and come back to just one car at the end of the weekend. Do you have any hints on ride sharing with your significant other? I’ll take any tips you might have! 


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