Woman Crush Wednesday: Jackie Zebrowski

Growing up in high school and college (and now, even), I didn’t have a ton of girl friends. I wasn’t a tomboy but I wasn’t a girly girl either. My high school group consisted of a bunch of dudes and hanging out with them and their band or having movie nights. In college, I didn’t do the sorority thing (no one was shocked, btw) and it was a bunch of dudes I hung out with again. We’d hang out and go to parties and talk music and tell stupid jokes. Guys didn’t gross me out and every so often, I’d catch a little crush, but it’d go away. I wouldn’t change my time with these guys for anything, I learned a lot.

Screenshot 2017-09-11 at 6.10.00 PM
Photo from Last Podcast Network

All that to say, the inaugural Women Crush Wednesday goes to Jackie Zebrowski. Sure, you may have never heard of her, but in short, she is my spirit animal.

Jackie is the sole lady of the Murderfist improv group with a bunch of hilarious dudes. They have the Last Podcast NetworkLast Podcast Network, which Jackie is part of three of their shows. She is on the panel for “Round Table of Gentlemen”, co-hosts “Page Seven”, which is all pop culture with her friend Molly and discusses life and answers listener questions on “Sex and Other Human Activities”.

Jackie straight up hilarious. She isn’t afraid to jump right in with a joke or hilarious anecdote and she’s just one of the dudes. This is one of the huge thing we have in common (besides being the same age, too). She seems to have some female friends but hangs with the dudes much of the time…sounds familiar. She shares her love for Chip and JoJo from “Fixer Upper”  (an HGTV show) on “Page Seven” and shares great, real life advice on “Sex and Other Human Activities”. I’ve been loving getting to know her better through the backlog of podcasts and if we ever visit NYC, I know we would make great friends. At the least, we’d be loud, make dumb jokes and have an awesome time. Looking forward to it one day, Jackie.


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