Pockets of Organization

If you saw my post last week, I was about fed up with my closet area. It’s small and overfilled with things that probably don’t even belong there. In order to keep my sanity though, I took 20 minutes or so and tackled the top of the dresser. Yes, it’s a small space, but by going through, purging about 1/3 of the items (throwing away and putting them in their proper home) and reorganizing things, it looks SO much better! By attacking just a small section, I felt a little calmer and accomplished.

Fixing up this area reminded me of something important: You can’t do it all at once- and that’s ok. Finding pockets of space to organize, you can get smaller spaces cleaned up and be productive, which, in turn, helps me really get more done in the long run. I tend to get overwhelmed if I can’t break down a huge project (aka house decluttering and organizing), so this method is working wonders for me. I figure eventually, the little organized areas will overlap and I can consider the whole project done…for now, here’s a few of the smaller areas I’ve attacked the past few weeks!



Top is Magic Bullet parts, Middle is tea & medicine, Bottom is baking supplies

Full disclosure: it’s not actually that clean at the moment. Life happens.

Want to know the best part of all of this? I only bought a few things to make this organization happen. You don’t have to go out and spend a bunch of money at the Container Store to get your place in shape. I picked up the spice jar riser in the pantry, a 4 pack of Target brand food storage containers and two strands of lights from the Target Dollar Spot ($3 each) for the table display and some seasonal fake gourds and pumpkins at Michael’s. For about $20 (less because I had a giftcard for the riser!), I got a whole bunch of areas in order. I’m loving things having a home and knowing where they go back when we’re done. I’ll keep you all updated as I get more pockets organized and life a little less complicated with each area tackled!

 Do you have methods you love to contain your items? As you can tell, I love simple containers, especially in the pantry or freezer.


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