Friday Four #4

  1. FALL! 


Happy first day of Fall!!! I’m so glad it’s here… now if it’d just get below 88 degrees again…

2. All the Apples

It goes along with the Fall, I guess, and I went a little apple crazy at the store the other day and I love it. We’re trying out some healthier eating habits, so we got some apple sauce, caramel (healthy because it goes with the apples), granny smith and gala apples and a gallon (!!!) of apple cider. I know it might not all be super healthy but it’s better than ice cream.  I’m so excited to put some mulling spices in the cider this weekend and make it smell so yummy and it’ll taste even better.

3. New clothes!

I have an amazing fairy godfriend. She is one of the few people I talk to daily and picks up things every now and then for me at the Character Warehouse in Orlando.  She gives me amazing advice and lets me ramble and I’m a lucky girl to do the same back. She’s come to visit me once on her way up to the Smoky Mountains and I’ve hung out with her once in Florida. I can’t wait to see her again- she’s pretty much the best.

Recently, she picked up the Gay Days t shirt from Disney World this summer. It was on super crazy clearance at the Character Warehouse after being sold in the parks for the one weekend. I was super excited to get it and rock it out- it’s a subtle LGBTQ+ shout out on a super comfy (nice for a WDW Hanes) shirt and I love that it says Walt Disney World and 2017 on the sleeve of it.

The box was also filled with Lula Roe leggings and a dress that I’ve been lusting after for a while- I was super thrilled to find all these goodies to fill my fall wardrobe. I’m looking forward to getting some basic tunics and pair them with the tights and boots and be ready to hit the road everyday. Thank you, friend. You are amazing.

4. Red Hair Color
So I have some red hair color that is hi color aka I won’t have to bleach it then color it red. It’s a little more intense than a regular, quick dye kit that you’d get at Target, so I’m nervous. This weekend I’m going to tackle the hair color. I will, I will. I think. I hope. I’ll keep you guys updated!


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