Built in Friends

One of the best parts of being married is having some built in friends. I lucked out and have some awesome sister in laws. This weekend, two of them spent some time with me and I loved it.

On Saturday, I called up Jacque and invited her to come get a manicure with me. She and my brother gave me a gift card when I turned 29 for the nail salon and it’d been sitting here, not being used. I had grown my nails out some in the past few weeks and decided it was time to take care of myself and get it done. It was super nice to just chill for a little bit and come out with some pretty nails afterwards and have some good conversation.

Look, we’re pretty!


On Sunday, Meg and I were going to adventure out to the apple orchard that’s an hour down the road, but by the time we got going, it was cutting it too close to make it happen that day. Since we were all done up, we had to do something to legitimize getting done up (my rule), so we headed to Rembrandts Coffee House downtown and grabbed some coffee and a sweet treat.

Isn’t she pretty? Yep!

I love having these girls around to confide in and spend time with. We can discuss whatever is going on in our lives and rest assured that we have each other’s backs, too. Pretty cool to get these relationships along with a rad hubs, too.


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