How I Replugged

This past weekend I wrote about how it was time to “replug” and do something new and different.

“Rocket, is that you?!?”

I did some and of that by a little adventuring. We journeyed into the wild unknown, or atleast a few miles down Interstate 75.


King of the…fish tank..?

We grabbed lunch at McDonalds (we’ve been eating a bit healthier and meat free during the week, so it was burger time) and hit the road, visiting Cabela’s on the way. It’s right across the TN/GA line and we hadn’t been yet, so we figured why not- we didn’t have anything planned for the afternoon besides exploring & spending very little money. I took the opportunity to take photos with some of the taxidermy animals and dreamed of some cozy log cabin getaways, due to the decor.

I worked so hard to convince him to take this photo

After forcing Loss to take a selfie with a bear and I, we moved on down the road to Ringgold, Georgia. I’d asked a girl at work about the small town I’d never been to and she said there were a few antique stores in the area, so I was in.



Digging through the crates..
Bad Singers/Odd Music.. my fave genre

We stopped in at the adorable Ringgold Feed and Seed Antiques. They had quite a bit of rad stuff, including a surprising amount of good vinyl records (4 booths or so). We always enjoy looking at old things together and dreaming of where they would go in our “one day” house. I blame my Granny and Uncle for the love of all things old I have- they prove that I come by it honestly.


Checking out the old sales records (plus a cotton gin & kid coffin in the background). Historic!


We explored the barn next door, the Cotton Gin Antiques. We found some gorgeous handmade tables and some rad old stuff, like a wall of cast iron skillets and historical records from the cotton gin in its heyday.

That cast iron is gorgeous- plus made a great backdrop.

There was some sort of race that was about to start and block off some roads and I didn’t want to get stuck, so we headed back to 75 North towards Chattanooga.

He’s Batman.

On the drive, Loss searched for comic book stores and we found one called The Underground Lair (the name being because it’s the “underground” aka backside of a building). We looked around at the rad stuff they had, including a life size Batman.

This took me back to the Country Bear Jamboree
My home state
Bear but no otters…

Up the road a small piece was the Bass Pro Shop. Since we went to Cabela’s, I said we should swing by for our first visit as well, so we did. The entry way was gorgeous with all of the wood and huge fireplace. Have to say I don’t quite get why there’s always a turnstile at the front of these stores, but whatever. My fave find at the store has to be the plush birds and other animals that made the noises when you squeezed them. Don’t worry, I tried them all out.

Of course I needed plush fish, but I didn’t bite this time. Soon.

I also love the fact that Bass Pro has a “photo op” bear, too. They didn’t have a taxidermy otter though, so Cabela’s won as the better of the two stores (plus the raccoons they had!!).


BONUS! There’s a peacock in the ladies room. And I didn’t like it. Ever since I was surprised by the peacocks standing on top of the bridge at the Chattanooga Zoo, after not knowing they were there- I can’t even.


We then headed back home after a quick run into Earthfare and Target for a few essentials. It was really rad to see new places- less than 20 minutes away. Our adventuring days are my fave, hands down.

Where do you head when you need an adventure but can’t head far out of town for a vacation? 


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