WCW: Broad City Gals

I’m not a bit TV watcher, but I do have a few shows that are weekly must sees. One of those started its 4th season a few weeks ago- Broad City.

Abbi (L) & Ilana (R) (Image from Comedycentral.com)

The show’s main characters and creators are Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. These ladies are hilarious, insightful and real. The show follows their characters (of the same names, of course) and also shows off the comedic side of the rest of the cast and guest starts (Hello, RuPaul guest spot this past week!). As with any great show set in NYC, the city isn’t only the backdrop of the show- it’s another character in the ensemble. After having watched 3 seasons, I want to go on an Abbi and Ilana tour of the city.

Besides the show, the ladies have done improv through UCB (hence Amy Poehler being part of their show) and other films. Abbi also did an art podcast about exploring different pieces at MOMA and is welcome to be my tour guide when I finally make it for the holy grail of art museum trips. She also has released a book of her drawings and worked on some other illustration books and projects (she and her character on the show are both artists).

Don’t you just want to hang out with them? I do. (photo from comedycentral.com)

The reason Abbi and Ilana are this week’s Women Crush Wednesday is they tell it like it is- they are woman, hear them roar.

Even long after the show ends its run, I know they’ll have many more years of creating and sharing with others, be it on the big screen, the TV screen or live improv stage. Keep showing us how it really is, ladies. Thank you for what you do for other women!


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