Adventures in Hair Coloring

“Guess I’m doing this..”

Have you ever finally done something after stressing over it for a while? Well, that was me this past weekend with some red hair color.

Going from black to red hair takes some work and, well, I’m terrified of what bleaching it would fully entail. So, I did some (a little) research online and found that L’oreal’s Hi-Color hair color would do the trick.

So I went to Sally Beauty, picked up the color and developer and vowed to wait til the weekend to spend time on it. Then I waited almost two weeks. The box of color and developer sat on the counter and continued to intimidate me. I was used to the kits with everything measured out and read to be mixed, but alas, had to eventually be brave.

It made me think of a PB&J sandwich..I just threw the container away when I’m done- easy clean up!

Saturday, I woke up feeling bold and brave. I decided it was the day. I stepped into the bathroom and (kinda) measured out the developer (the best I could) added the red color to it. Loss was on call if I needed an emergency box of black color to cover it up.


A little nervous to see what happens…

I kept the color on for 30 minutes and hopped into the shower to rinse it out. I could see the top of my head was red in the mirror (like the above photo shows). I wasn’t too sure how the rest of it would look, though.

After I got out of the shower and took my first glance, I was almost ready to call in Loss and send him to the store, but I dried it and put my make up and cute clothes on. I looked at it some more and I liked it. It was nowhere near what I was looking for, but I’ll take it for now.


I love the brightness I’ve been secretly longing for!

Have you ever decided to just go for something, even if you were unsure how it was going to wind up, and it worked out? Let me know! 


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