Saturday Date Night OOTD 

Loss got off work a little bit earlier than normal, so we wound up getting to spend a chill day together.

We had an awesome late brunch & spent some quality time, I got a sweet nap and then we decided to go out and grab some coffee for a mini date night. So now, we’re sitting at Starbucks, on the outside patio,  with a nice cool fall breeze finally coming through.

So what does one wear for a  late night(ish) coffee date?

Sweater is American Apparel (my fave sweater ever made), tank is Forever 21 (not the same at all but reminds me of this one), jeans are Forever 21, shoes are Vans (Similar ones but with no pretty glitter), bag is Old Navy (this on is faux leather, not nylon, but kinda similar)

Starbucks photo shoot!


Adorable Fall cups at Starbucks ❤

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