The 5 Love Languages

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It all started June 13, 2015

If you’ve read any of my posts lately, I’ve had a rough day or two in the last few weeks. There’s been a lot going on and with work and everything else, I’ve been realizing how important communication is with Loss. I have been making a point to get more quality time together (and not just sitting in the same room, watching TV together) and we’ve been looking at and talking about our “love language”.
5 love languages book

I know he squirms when I use that term, but it’s the way the book,  The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, says it. We were gifted the book when we got married and while I haven’t read all of it (about half), it is onto something. I had Loss take the test in the book to find his love language and I took mine as well (you can also take it for FREE online!). We found that my language is Words of Affirmation (which we both had figured out) and Loss’ surprised me a little, Quality Time.

Even not having read the book (it’s on the to do list for both of us), it’s been good to know and talk about our language to each other. We’ve also been talking more about communicating effectively with each other and, well, we for sure don’t have it down, but I am very happy to have an open dialogue in our relationship. I know if I am having a really rough day, I can ask Loss to sit down with me and we can talk it out. While we don’t always have the answer for each other through doing this, it means something that we are able to talk it out.



After two years of being married, we by no means have all the answers. But I’m glad to know we can work on figuring it out eventually. Remembering our love languages are a huge key to making it work as well.

Have you read this book or taken the quiz? What’s your love language? 


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