Not Again, Not Again

I don’t typically get political on here & I like to keep things kinda light. Well, it’s not time for that today.

I won’t post any gore. Instead I’m posting this sentiment from the Pulse Memorial.

It’s 4 am on October 3 and I have something to say. I do not understand why Americans are allowed to have automatic and such high-powered weapons.

There. I said it. I don’t think taking all guns away is the answer. I don’t want people coming to take away all the guns. There is nothing wrong with having a firearm to protect your family or go hunting with. There is no need, that I can honestly think of, for a large, automatic weapon like an AR-15 or other “high-powered rifles, considered capable of penetrating police armor” (ABC News) in civilian life. In a war zone, perhaps, but not at a nightclub or a music festival.

Waking up yesterday and learning about the mass shooting in Las Vegas, it was almost like groundhog day. It took me back to the morning of June 12, 2016 and the Pulse shooting. This time around, I didn’t know anyone directly who could have been at the venue (though my close friends did), but it was just as scary and so uncalled for.

I don’t care what mental state someone was in or how they felt about things (honestly, after the basic 10 minutes of news that’s on a loop, I turned it off because I don’t need to stare at the same, gory and terrifying imagery for hours on end). I’m not 100% fully up to date on what happened in Las Vegas. I know that 50+ people died at a concert. A place where people should be having fun and making good memories, not worrying if they are going to make it out alive.

I know that one blog post won’t make a huge difference in the world. Many different people share this belief and, if they’re anything like me, they feel helpless and defeated. There is so much going on in the world that is scary and dark, it can be overwhelming. I have a hard time in large gatherings sometimes but try to not let that stop me- though it is on my mind when going to these places. The first thing I thought about after the Vegas event was the Forecastle Festival in Kentucky.  I have attended this festival 3 years and am hopeful to return, too. It’s a weekend full of music, out in the open, on the river in Louisville. It’s a very similar set up to the festival where the tragedy took place, I’m sure. That is scary.

All that to say, we can’t back down and stop living life. Concerts and festivals will go on, with enhanced security, I’m sure and even more due vigilance from attendees. We can speak up to our senators and representatives. Hold them accountable. Vote. Don’t forget things are being questioned in government and remember these people work for you. Bills such as one allowing gun silencers (making events like a mass shooting even more dangerous) are out there. Open your eyes and see what’s around you, literally and politically. It might be a little scary, but it’s better to fight for a safer world than ignore it and let all of the people we have lost go in vain.

Once again, sorry for the heavy post, but when you get it in your head to write at 4 am and it is this pertinent, it’s happening. Take care of yourselves and turn off the news. Practice self care. Hug your loved ones and let them know you are there. Then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Let these people who work for you know that you are concerned and want to see change- that’s the only way it can happen.


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