Woman Crush Wednesday: Lorelai Gilmore


Fictional character or not, Lorelai Gilmore of the show Gilmore Girls, is this week’s WCW with good reason. She is strong and independent, witty as all get out, a real friend and honest.

She has issues in her life that she works through as the series. From her relationship with her parents to the fact her ex comes and goes out of her life repeatedly (he’s Rory’s father, but it’s continually more than that)- she’s real. She also loves the first snow of the winter.

“I smell snow!” (ok, not this scene, but the quote I adore)

With all the Gilmore episodes I’ve binge watched lately (third time rewatching the series), I dare say Lorelai may be rubbing off on me a little. Her ambition to build a business with her friend Suki (amazing Melissa McCarthy in her ultimate best role ever- fight me on it)- it’s straight up inspiring. They have many issues that arise in the process, but they do eventually fully realize their goal in the end. As someone who’s working towards something that’s bigger and better, I gladly take this inspiration.

I fully appreciate Amy Sherman-Palladino for creating such a real, relatable and fantastic character and Lauren Graham for playing the role so perfectly. They have cemented this strong female character in my mind as someone who gets things down and doesn’t take no for answer- especially when it comes to drinking coffee. She tells it like it is and gets the job done, she’s not afraid to work hard.

Plus she has great one liners- Oy with the poodles already!


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