Friday Four #6

Downtown Nashville (from Pixabay)

Nashville Roadtrip: It’s almost time! We may be taking what’s just a quick trip to the Glossary show, but I’m so stoked. I’m so excited to just get on the open road, see the leaves (hopefully) changing on the mountains and enjoy some good quality time with Loss and friends I haven’t seen in ages. Plus, there’s something- especially in fall and spring- so nice about getting away and coming home a little refreshed.

Pumpkin Wreath Candle

Yankee Candles: I feel like such a nerd and old lady, but I’ve realized the joy and worth of Yankee Candles. Let me explain: I was gifted a Pumpkin Wreath candle last fall. I burned some of it but eventually put it away at the end of the season. I recently pulled it back out and I love that it’s in a glass container (I feel they’re a little safer; not sure how, but I do) and they burn so awesomely. They don’t leave any wax on the side of the glass and it burns super evenly- for some reason this excites me way too much. I’ve never had another candle like that and I’ve decided my next candle is going to be the larger Yankee candle in this year’s pumpkin scent.

trixie and katya promo 1
The Trixie & Katya Show promo (from Viceland)

More Cable Channels: I don’t normally think we need cable, but I am pretty stoked to find out we gained some more channels recently (even though some of them went away months ago). I don’t know why/how we got them back, but I’m pretty stoked that we now have Viceland and Spike back and to have El Rey for the first time (Loss is super stoked for El Rey and the luchado wrestling and films I won’t like). I’m just glad we’ll have Viceland for when The Trixie & Katya Show debuts November 15.


Can’t you tell we adult so much?

Adulting: We got some things settled this week with car stuff and insurance stuff taken care of. It was one of those “yep, I’m adulting now” moments. They actually feel pretty good to get done. Plus it’s nice to have something that’s been festering on the to do list done- and pretty much painlessly.  I’m super happy with that.



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