Feeling Beautiful and Awesome

This weekend was a big one for me. After our trip to Nashville, I was thinking about self confidence and how I feel about things. Reflecting on and revisiting the past can do this, I guess.


I had a moment of being really happy when talking to a friend. It was an honest, real smile that only happens every so often. I wasn’t wearing any make up and had a few spots on my face, but I love how real and happy this photo is.

Later on that night, we got to the show- basically my college reunion- and I was afraid that folks might not remember me. Much to my surprise and happiness, I ran into a bunch of folks and I told one that I was afraid he wouldn’t have remembered me. He was sweet and told me that of course he remembered me. This exchange and the sweetness that everyone gave when I said hi, it made me feel so good. There were so many hugs all around, it was hard to not feel lots of love.

Sarah and I had a rad time hanging out and reminiscing!

I told a friend about my experience and she pointed out ‘Of course they remembered you, you’re a sweet lady’. She is right and it got me thinking. I have a tendency to be really hard on myself and not give myself enough credit.

I know that so many people probably have this same mindset, too. That being said, know you are beautiful, you are an awesome person and you are so awesome, regardless of what your brain tells you. If you need a reminder of this, take a photo of a truly happy smile. Don’t worry about make up or what you’re wearing- just snap a pic on your phone and check it out. What do you like about it? Your smile, your eyes, whatever you like, remember and hold on to that. If you’re feeling down on how awesome you are, ask a few friends what they appreciate about you. Write this down, keep it in your mind- don’t forget it.

Live your happiness, no matter how much of a sinus headache you have

You are awesome, trust me.

Have you had a moment lately where it just clicked and you you remembered you’re pretty awesome? 


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