A Visit to Blaze Pizza


One of the things I loved the most about our trip to Florida this summer was eating at Blaze Pizza. Seriously. We stayed in Orlando 4 days and visited Blaze twice. When we were in Nashville this weekend, we took the short drive to Brentwood (about 20 minutes from downtown) to get an incredible create your own pizza.

Isn’t it beautiful? 
All that cheese can be yours! I love the feta and moz balls..so yummy!

If you haven’t heard of Blaze before, it’s basically a Subway style concept for pizza. You can order a pizza (with normal, thick or gluten free crust!) with pre selected toppings or do a build your own option. Loss and I both opted for the build your own option and brought them home with us (after I dove into a slice in the store). Can I also say that these pizzas are amazing cold? Room temp or even straight out of the fridge- it’s so good!


They woodfire the pizzas once you get it loaded up to your hearts desire and I suggest asking for the pesto and arugula finish when they pull it out of the oven.


On top of the delish pizza, Blaze has some amazing drinks- the blood orange lemonade is the best ever!


I also love all the details around the place…




And the final products…



Yes, they’re as yummy as they look! Full disclosure: I just finished up mine for breakfast today. NOM. So, if you live somewhere near a Blaze or are visiting somewhere near one, go! I promise it will make your heart happy and you might even feel a little healthier digging into one of these guys, definitely more so than other chain pizzas that are grease heavy.

Also, shout out to the amazing social media team at Blaze Pizza! I was literally in the building 3 minutes or less, tweeted about being there & had a response sent to me. They always start conversations with folks and get really involved with folks. I’m continually impressed with their social team!



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