WCW: Kelly Smith Orcutt

That’s Kelly up there, singing away (Photo borrowed from my friend Kent Goolsby)

This week’s WCW isn’t a household name, but she’s someone who means a lot to me. As I’ve written about, Loss and I trekked up to Nashville to see one of my favorite bands ever, Glossary, play their 20th anniversary show. Included in this bunch of rad dudes is Kelly. She has always been a super sweet lady and I love when I run into her.

Even after not seeing her for a few years, I saw Kelly play an acoustic show with Glossary singer Joey here in Chattanooga and she was as sweet and warm as ever. She met Loss, we talked a little about what we were up to and we had a good hug or two in the process. Did I almost mention her voice can make hearts melt? She’s that good.

Spending a few minutes together after the show this past weekend, it was good ole’ Kelly, once again. Even with a sold out crowd, when I ran into her after the show, we chatted for a few minutes and I never felt like anyone else was there- even though she was a part of the reason people came out.

I don’t write this to say I put Kelly on a pedestal or anything, but she’s a really rad lady who doesn’t have to be as sweet and lovely and as nice as she is. She is talented, down to earth and good for a conversation.  She remembers folks, knows what city they live in and makes you just feel good.

She probably won’t like that I went on to write 300 words about her, but here it is. She’s a good one and I’m so glad to know and be inspired by her.



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