Friday Four #7

This week has been a blur. I’ve worked a little extra and been distracted by the stuff going on out in the world, so it’s not been a week that lots has gone on. So here’s the list of things I’ve been thinking about lately…

**Yeah, there’s an affiliate link. Just so you know**


I think I may need both colors

Since it’s Fall, it’s time for boots! Of course, as I pulled out mine for our trip last weekend, I saw that one of the heels was completely blown out, so it’s time to buy again.  I’ve been looking for some good deals and cute looks to figure out what I want this year. I’m leaning towards short boots or booties, perhaps like these pictured from Target’s A New Day line. We’ve got a couples photo session booked soon with a sweet photog, Wonderly Photo here in town and, well, I need boots to complete the ensemble I’ve got planned to wear. Plus, it’s going to be too cold for flip flops soon.

Also, I’m trying out the Target Affiliate program, so if you’re interested in A New Day at Target, click through!

New & Only at Target! A New Day – Style that goes wherever you do


Jord Watches

Jord Watches has a gorgeous instagram!

I ran across a Jord Watches giveaway on Simply Kaylee a few weeks ago and, much to my surprise, won a $100 credit through a giveaway the blog was running. I am so stoked because these wood watches are GORGEOUS (!) and I can’t wait to order one to pair with my new boots for the photos too. I’m also so stoked to add another classic accessory to my wardrobe. I’m thinking either a Cassia or a Frankie 35 , but we’ll see what I decide on when I finally click “order”!



Our Aldi just reopened near the apartment after a gorgeous refurb. They opened the store up more, added more fluidity to the aisles (not so much a maze and a litlte wider) and I swear they have more great food. We were so stoked to have our closest grocery store opened up again and when we were in hunt of a quick meal the other day, we stopped by to grab a huge pizza and some mozzarella cheese (for $10!). The pizza was really good and is a great budget dinner with very little prep needed. My next adventure with Aldi goods is to DIY some fancy garlic- I’ll share the results soon!ckler


Pickler and Ben

Pickler and Ben with amazing chef/drag queen Arnold Myint (photo from the show’s instagram)

I have a new daily guilty pleasure: Pickler and Ben. Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron (hubs of Ginger Zee from Good Morning America and lots of other TV/news experience- I admittedly had to  it up. Sorry, Ben, but I know now!) have a new daily lifestyle show that I’ve been quite enjoying. The show focuses on cooking, design and things of the like. The reason I started watching was the gals from The Home Edit (amazing professional organizers from Nashville) were on an episodes along with Chef Art Smith, so I was in. Here in Chattanooga, it airs on CMT, but if it isn’t on there, check your local stations. You’ll be entertained, I promise.


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