Moments of Feeling Older

I just adore this Bass Pro Bear. Makes me look wiser, right?

After running around town today with Megan this morning and Loss this evening, I”m feeling quite productive and had some moments I’m reflecting on as I think back on my day. I had quite a few of those “man I’m old” moments but I’m learning to look at them as  being wiser and on top of things. I’m glad to be reaching this point (let it be known I’m writing this as I watch animated Halloween films).


Packed up and ready to go..a few weeks early!

To start off with, we had some gifts to pick out for upcoming events later on this month. I went ahead and purchased them, knowing how our finances lay out during the month. They are already wrapped and set, cards written and ready to go, a few weeks out. It’s so nice to plan ahead and not have to worry about A) being good to cover the extra purchase and B) just have it done already. Planning ahead can be fun, I dare say.

We also went by the mall and ran into Forever 21. I typically can find a few funky pieces I like in the store, but most of it was feeling pretty much nowhere near what I’d wear or it was velvet. No thank you- that being said, I felt pretty old seeing all these fashions that are out there and popular at the moment. I know the store name says 21 in it, but man, I’m slightly trendy and know what I like and this wasn’t great. And velvet- come on friends, let’s just let it go already. It just screams 90s in such as way I can’t even. I mean, I wore it to my 5th grade dance in 2000 and you know if it had trickled down to my closet by then, it was done.

At this point, I told Meg “Don’t touch it!” and she replies “but there’s no sign!” That must make me wise..

So, all that to say, here’s to planning ahead and being okay with feeling old sometimes. I keep trying to remind myself it means I know more than I did before, so that should help (most of the time).

Happy Saturday, enjoy being wise, I know I’m trying to be.


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