End of 2017 Goals

Hobby Lobby speaking the Christmas language..before Halloween

Last night, I asked Loss how he felt about having one of my friends visit for a few nights in December. As I figured, he was pretty chill about it except for one thing: we have to have the house in order. From there, my brain started going. I’ve been getting an idea of what all I would like to do to get the house organized and thusly giving us a little more space and making us look a little more sane (ideally).

So now I’m thinking about the fact the end of 2017 is coming. I mean, the Christmas decorations are already out at Hobby Lobby (admittedly I got excited when I saw them) and time is passing quickly. So, in the spirit of the end of the year coming soon, here’s the goals I am working towards to accomplish by the time the clock strikes midnight on December 31.

The House


It’s amazing what a simple 10 minute sweep of a room can do to get things looking better. I know it’s the process of getting things into their home (or rid of them) that makes it work and stay nice, so we’ll see how it goes. The thought of someone coming to visit for a few days inspires me to get things all fixed up though. Plus when they visit, it’ll be Christmas, so that’s a whole other layer of decorating and organizing ahead!

Better Food

Roasting some garlic for the next week..nom!

I’ve mentioned in passing that Loss and I working on eating better food and being a bit healthier. I’m going to get around to writing about it soon enough, but for now, we’re trying but are by no means perfect. We simply realized that we need to watch what we put in our body a little bit more and, well, here we are. We have a cookbook coming the first week of November to help inspire us, too, so hopefully that’ll help too.

Better Relationship

We can be so silly and I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤

Loss and I have really been working on our 5 Love Languages lately and it’s been awesome. We are putting into practice showing, saying and giving more to each other and it makes my heart so happy. After 2.5 years of being married, it’s been good to take a look and re-examine some things as we are working through the random things that life throws at us. I know we grow and get better each day, so I’m excited to see where the end of the year puts us.

Better Blog Planning 

Didn’t you know all bloggers need ALL the coffee? 

I’ve been lacking in the blog planning department somewhat. While I’ve managed to keep a daily post for 75 days (as of today!), I haven’t always been the best at planning them out. Some days, I can sit down and write out a week’s worth of posts, some days it turns into a quick 5 minute post on my going out make up (those are mainly weekends). By working a few days ahead (as I like to do), it offers me the ability to not stress as much about what needs to be done still and create better content.

I’m proud of everything that I post on this blog and while I know some of the posts are much better than the others, it’s life, that’s how it goes. I’m just kinda amazed and so thrilled that I have been able to do the daily thing for so long now. Guess it just shows, you can do what seems impossible if you really try.


Getting Closer to 2018


Overall, these areas are a complete work in progress for me (and us). They change almost daily and will continue to as the days go on. I’m excited to see where we wind up though- we’re realizing if we really work together, so much can be accomplished and can be great.

Do you have any goals you’d like to reach by the end of 2017? Let me know what they are! 


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