How to Take a Good Photo

A pretty good Fall cups at Starbucks selfie

Blogging, Instagram and so much more of the internet and social media is based on photos. While I don’t feel that I’m super gorgeous or the best at being in photos, I do alright and have some that, I think, look great.  So, here is my thoughts on How to Take Great Photos.

Take Care of Yourself

Pink face mask = taking care of myself and feeling good about it

By taking care of myself more in the last 6 months or so (hey, time to be a grown up, right?) and putting a little more time in for myself, it’s really helped my self confidence. This self confidence has been how I can hop in front of the camera and be silly and ham it up. It’s awesome being able to throw on a little make up, a dress I like and hit the runway (aka the sidewalk outside of our apartment).

Even if you don’t think it’ll be so easy to step out there and get some good shots, fake it til you make it.

Be Patient

No clue what’s going on but it’s up my nose and in the sky..?

You’re going to get some dud photos. You always will. Know if you have enough snapped, you’ll find a good one that is what you’re looking for, just don’t give up and be patient. Maybe you’ll eventually find the duds are actually funny or can be used for something and they aren’t actually duds.

Have a Good Photog

He’s the best photog around- even when it’s just a selfie and my arms are too short (happens a lot!)

Much of the time, I know it’s hard to be stuck with selfies only, but having someone else be your photographer is super helpful. Besides being able to take full outfit of the day (OOTD) photos, your photographer can get some shots of you. I use the hubs most of the time and have him trained to take multiple photos and he usually has me cracking up before it’s all said and done.


Don’t Just Stand There

A bird flew out of the tree and I kinda wigged out-see, nothing’s perfect

Put me in front of a camera and I can’t stand still. I’ve found that the best shots wind up being a silly movement I do or when I’m dancing a little like a nerd. Trust me. It works!

Just Smile

No make up, but I like this photo because I know I was genuinely happy at that moment and it shows

Even if you’re taking a selfie, crack a big smile. If you’re not in the mood, think back to something that made you super happy and grin. Just like I mentioned taking care of yourself above, fake it til you make it. So, fake that smile til you make it!


Hopefully these tips can help you take great photos and not be as worried about them- just have fun with it!

Do you have any tips for taking great photos?


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