Spirit Day


You might be wondering what I mean exactly by Spirit Day, but this one is to stand up for bullying and those in the LGBTQ+ student community. Glaad has shared some stats from their site promoting the day and they are heartbreaking.



As someone who has a heart for students, these states are upsetting. I truly believe that all children and teens should be able to live their life and not be bullied. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, what you look like, what you are attracted to.




I know that days like this won’t make bullying end completely, but by shining a light on the issue at hand, we can talk about it and eventually it won’t be a thing that doesn’t effect students like it currently does.

To learn more about Glaad and helping our generation of students coming up be happier, healthier and safer, check out their site along with HRC’s site.

All images from Glaad’s Spirit Day site


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