Friday Four #8


Interrupted Sleep 

This week has been rough when it comes to sleep. I’ve been plenty tired, but there’s something about falling asleep and then hearing a siren or four on the road across from our apartment, making me wake up. Ever since the fire happened a building over last year (like 2016), sirens wake me up- I just can’t help it. That and the stressful news going on in the world, sleep has been a little harder. I’m hopeful next week will be filled with much better sleep.

Flavored Coffee Hack

World Market coffee is yum!

I’ve gotten some extra yummy coffee lately and have been inspired to flavor up some basic Maxwell House or Folgers coffee. My fave hack is combine half of the flavored yumminess (2 scoops is what I do) and make the other half of the coffee (another 2 scoops) the plainer coffee. When you combine it and brew, I feel like it picks up the yummy flavors more, plus you stretch out the bag.

When we went by World Market this week, we picked up some of the smaller “one pot” bags of Pumpkin Spice and the Christmas Chocolate Peppermint for $2.49 each. I figure one will go for three pots of coffee and then when we decide if we really love one, we’ll go pick up the larger bag. Something about dropping $10 on a bag of coffee I don’t know for sure that I love, gotta check that out first.

All Stars Ruvealed! 


Tonight is an exciting night for me: Vh1 is airing the Drag Race All Stars Ruveal! They are announcing who the contestants are for this upcoming third season of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars. I have my suspicions of a few queens that I love who are on rumored to be on this season (thanks, Reddit) but I’m so stoked to spend another Friday night with Ru and also find out the date of when they’re starting to air the next season.

That being said, I’ve got my winner already picked out. I’m ready. May the best woman win!

Halloween Movies

This mug speaks to me so much. ❤ 

I’ve been working on a list of Halloween films that are not so scary. I’ve been loving some of the Disney films the most and am pretty stoked that many of them are available on Netflix. I’ll have a post soon talking about some good ole’ standbys that I love and a new one or two that I’ve found this year, too. Keep an eye out for it!

Do you have any Halloween films you love to watch every year? 



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