RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Ruvealed


I am beyond excited for this night, friends! It is the evening of the Drag Race All Star 3 Ruveal to find out which amazing queens are going to grace our screens for this next season.

Instead of doing my thoughts on it tomorrow (Saturday), I’m going to live blog the show and post it in the morning.  So, here we go with the recapping!

Ru and his perfect suit (one of two this episode)

Whew Ru has some amazing suits.

Always the Coco & Alyssa cheeto argument…#classic.

I love how urgent this music is making this sound as Ru does the intro.

Admit it, we are getting this ‘ruveal’ because of the internet & they want to get ahead of it.

Another epic Ru suit.


  1. Ben De La Creme : ooh a misss congentiatlity. I admittedly haven’t watched season 6, so we’ll see how she does. Another Seattle queen! Heyyyyy  Robbie Turner! (not on here just in my heart always). His cat sweat shirt! She kinda reminds me of Mrs Kasha Davis (no t, no shade). I like the camp factor. Ahh, a Jinx link. I guess I should watch season 6 eventually. De La kinda does looks Visage a bit.



2. Milk: Of course! This is going to be a tough season! I wonder if it’s going to be season 6 heavy…? I know of Milk pretty much because of her strange outfits from DragCon in NYC and also from the rights for gays in Chechnya protest he was at a week or two ago in NYC. If the promo photo tells us anything, this could be very interesting…

So people are dropping spoilers on twitter..? Thanks, Kim Chi!


3. Shangela: Ok, the more I watch, this is going to be hard. She only did drag for 5 months before season 2? Crazy! I kinda love Shanglea through Alyssa Edwards proxy. Looking forward to getting to know more about her. Might need to add some of her songs to my upbeat playlist. Hallelu!


4. Thorgy Thor: YES! This was my first fistbump moment of the night. I LOVE her so much! She’s super creative and I want to go to Brooklyn and see some shows so bad. Her disco pantsuit was one of my faves for sure. Don’t overthink & own it, girl! I’d love you as a runner up (yeah, I’m biased. You’ll see later).  Also, I need a make up tutorial from Thorgy for her look during these interviews asap.

Thorgy Thor in pantsuit disco fab ❤



5. TRIXIE MATTEL!!!!!!!! I’m not biased at all- this is my pick. For everything. In hearts and minds and I’m in love. Trixie is my no. 1 ever. So, ya’ll know who I’m rooting or…I might have put this on when I got home today…

Me, earlier in the day

Full disclosure: I stopped watching season 7 when Trixie got kicked off. This also confirms I’ll probably never meet her because she’s so popular and getting even more so. Plus UNHHHHHHHH let’s not even talk about it. “Alternative fact” when she got kicked off..haha I love you, Trixie Mattel.



6. Kennedy Davenport: Sure. I’m good with this. I’m interested in what she has going on for this season. I’m excited for this rubber to meet the road. Girl can dance, for sure.


7. Aja:  You look like Linda Evangelista! And I definitely just did a dance. Awww Momo & Kandy are his roomies! I looove me so Aja. I’m loving this look into Aja’s world. Did I mention I met her this summer? She was super sweet and she’s going to probably be the best villain this All Stars season. Also, this promo look is epic.

Getting the T & Aja loving me



8. Chi Chi DeVayne: I adore me some Chi Chi! She was so vulnerable and real on her season and I can’t wait to see more of her. I also love her accent. She just seems so sweet and was one of my faves on her season- the first one I really binge watched. “I shop at Whole Foods for groceries now”- I love this girl.

Why was there just a Christmas commercial for Denny’s food? And why was I ok with it?


9. Morgan McMichaels: Eh, season 2…is it bad like that seems crazy long ago? Those are some sweet Detox or Courtney Act style glasses in her interview for this show. She’s pretty and I guess I’d be interested in knowing her more. Ahh, she was in Gaga’s “Applause” video with Detox and other.

By the way, season 2 = I LOVE me some Raven & season 3 – Raja! Thanks to World of Wonder’s youtube videos. (that’s to say I’m not hating on older seasons)

Oh my, you cheeky RuPaul…not all 10? WHAT!?!?!?

So, there you have it…coming “this winter” and  yeah. So there you have it, friends.


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    1. I can’t wait til it starts airing weekly, that’s for sure! I know they’ll wind up mixing it up somehow with no top 3 & I’m sure some other twists, so it should be quite interesting…I can’t wait til Mama Ru fills my Friday nights again!


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