Finding Your Tribe (IRL & Online)

You get me, you really get me! Thank you!

So, here we are with another insightful post- don’t worry, there’s a make up tutorial in a few days. I was talking to the amazing Anna at Heartbeat Hive today on a lifecoaching call and we talked about my blog. She asked questions about what I want to do with it and walked me through a process (activity) to get out of my own way and reach for my goals.

Isn’t Anna the coolest? I vote YES. (Photo from her Heartbeat Hive bio)

Towards the end of the 30 minute call, Anna said something that really stuck out to me and has me thinking: ‘Your readers are your tribe and they will find you’.


This wasn’t a crazy concept but to hear it put this way- I just keep thinking ‘Eureka! That’s it!’. It got me thinking about how this past Spring, I felt as if I’d found my tribe in real life. I spent an amazing vacay with some friends in Orlando and spread my wings some. I learned a lot about myself and my horizons expanded so much. It just felt right. I was with people I was supposed to be with. I found my tribe.

(You can find some about those adventures Here and Here

Some of my tribe in Orlando

So talking to Anna today, hearing that statement, I get it. All you wonderful readers who have been reading along, thank you- you are my tribe.

I appreciate your reading, commenting on here, commenting on the JLBNerdy facebook page, and any and everywhere else I share content. I’m honored you spend a few minutes of your busy day checking out what I have to say. I hope that I can continue to create content that you enjoy reading and keep finding more members of this tribe to gather together.

We’re all better together and I promise to never lose sight of that fact.


If you are interested in a life coaching and would like a complimentary 20 minute session with the awesome Anna, check out this page and fill in the form– she’ll get in contact and get you set up! So if you need a little guidance or help finding your path in any part of your life, especially creative endeavors, reach out to Heartbeat Hive and see what Anna can do for you!  (If you’d like to see what I had to say about working with Anna a few months ago, I wrote about it on this post as well

Full disclosure: I do get some session time if you set up a 20 minute session- I promise it’s worth it though!


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