It’s OK to Take a Break

It’s time for a little break! 

For my Monday introspective post, I am sharing something that I feel is very important to remind folks of: it’s ok to take a break.

Case in point, I took a week off work in July for vacation. I haven’t had a Monday-Friday day off since (except one where i was sick and had to call in). In the last week or two, I picked up a shift or two and things have been kind of stressful at work, so it was time: I took a day off.  So now I have Thursday off this week and I can’t wait.

I will dominate and get this cart in the closet and all nice and organized. I WILL!

So why? I’m looking forward to a day of hanging at home and organizing the some areas that have been the thorn in my side. I’m excited to have some time to work on the house and not feeling crappy over wasting my weekend time. Plus when I go back on Friday, it’ll be time for the weekend again.

All this to say, don’t feel bad about taking some time to breathe. Make time to do what you enjoy or what you can’t seem to make time for. I know that by completing a few tasks this Thursday, it will be a huge load off my mind and a massive step in decluttering. Plus, it’ll give me a day to spend a little time away from work and enjoy it even more when I go back.


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