Organizing Update

Today I took a day off work & got to work on the house organization project. I was so stoked to have some time, that wasn’t a weekend, to just work on it. I get frustrated spending a whole Saturday and not feeling like I’ve gotten much done & by taking the time to work on it today, I’m feeling better.

So, here’s a peek at what I got accomplished- the tasks that had been a thorn in my side:

A. The Bathroom Sink Cabinet

From this

The beast under the sink

To this!

So much better! Everything in its place!

And check out this super organized & pretty looking bathroom counter! I just wanna sit & look at it. 😄

Keeping the counter less cluttered is a current #LifeGoal

After a while in the bathroom, it was time to tackle the dreaded closet.

B. The Living Room Closet 

All that stuff…especially in the floor…

Isn’t it a wreck? It didn’t turn out to be as terrible as I expected though, thankfully.  I finally got this guy in that spot…

Oh, how I love these carts (yeah, this is the second one in the house)

I have to confess, we got that cart in July or August and it’s just now going where it’s supposed to be…the room feels bigger already!

So here’s the final closet (well, the bottom of it…the top is happening when tall Loss is home to help!):

The cart fit! And looks really awesome, if I do say so myself

I know there’s more to put in the closet as we pull out the winter clothes, I think it’s an awesome start. There may be a few (ok, a lot) of piles left in the floor, but I do know where things go, just gotta wrap it up.

All in all, I’m really happy with the day and am so glad to worst parts of the tasks done.

Do you have a task that you seems to overwhelm you until you just jumped in? Do you have any tips on getting started? 


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