Friday Four #9

  1. Halloween Time
Got Guts?

The day is getting closer and it’s fun stuff. This week, we took the time to carve a Mike Wazowski pumpkin and watch my favorite Halloween tradition, The Headless Horseman. I love such old school Disney films and shorts.  I think on of my favorite parts of the short is the fact the narrator is voiced by Bing Crosby and has such awesome songs. Not going to lie, hearing Bing kinda gets me wanting to hear some Christmas jams by him soon. Soon!

2. New Opportunities


I won’t go too into detail, but I’m seeing that working really hard towards to something can eventually open up new opportunities. I feel like the road I’ve been on the past year or so is paying off and the path is laid before me. I am so excited to see what lies ahead and am ready to roll.


3. It’s cold now!


This week, the cold weather has hit & I’m excited for it. It was around 40 when I took Loss to school yesterday and I bundled up. There’s just something so fun and cozy for me to get bundled up and snuggly. With the heat, you can only take so much off, but in winter you can pile it on. So here we go with the start to snuggly season!

4. That clean spot

Oooh that clean spot! 

So go with me here…you know when you clean and you’ve got one spot that’s just immaculate? And you look at it and it just feels GOOD, you know what I mean?  I’m so proud to have a few of these spots around the house now and look at them. I mean, they just feel good. I hope you have some pieces of happiness in your house like this that make you happy. The joy is just awesome.


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