Bucket List Travel: Pacific Northwest

Helloooo, Seattle! (Image from Pixabay)

This evening, I’ve been doing some researching on our next Bucket List Trip to Portland and Seattle. This would be the first bucket list trip that I feel we can actually accomplish and I’m thinking next Fall would be an awesome time to visit.

So why the PNW? Besides all the Death Cab for Cutie I’ve listened to, it’s always been an intriguing part of the United States. There’s always the “it’s where millenials go to retire” aspect of Portland shown through the show “Portlandia” and the fact the mountainous area has to be just gorgeous, especially in the Fall.

Robbie Turner! (Borrowed from her Instagram)

Seattle holds some fantastic drag queens that have won my heart. RuPaul’s Drag Race girls Jinx Monsoon, BenDeLaCreme and (my fave) Robbie Turner are from Seattle and I need to make the pilgrimage to Queer Bar, the new bar that Robbie is a host at. I know it’s a way out, timewise, but I love this queen so much and would love to see her perform and possibly hang out for a little bit (#dreams). I’m willing to travel across the country with this being a huge part of why I’d like to go. (Background info: Robbie Turner is my most favorite queen because she’s a classic film nerd who loves vintage and glamour and pink hair and Hello Dolly and also Dolly Parton, amongst other things. I just feel we are kindered spirits. Also, we have DM’ed a little on instagram and she is so sweet and even encouraged me to go buy a pink wig when I said how much I loved this one in the above photo. Ok, done gushing now. =)   )

Also, I must see where Fraiser Crane lived and worked (duh).

My first Sunrail ride this summer in Orlando (we rode out and back because I just wanted to ride it)

In all the travel, we’d also get to ride an Amtrak train from one city to the other- another bucket list thing. I kinda have a thing for trains just because they’re… fun. Yeah, I know, I’m a super nerd.

So that being said, if you have any hints/tips/ideas for planning a trek the Pacific Northwest, let me know! I love that this trip is a big one but still so doable and could lead to so many new things!



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