Holiday Open Houses (Pt.1)

You guys, we are headed into my favorite time of the year along with so many open houses- my favorite events of the year. I love getting to check out new shops and revisit some favorites while enjoying some hot cider and maybe some snacky goodies. I tend to get ideas for decorating along with (sometimes) a little motivation for getting going myself.

This week, I managed to give Loss enough iced coffee that he stayed up after work and we hit three shops, so without further ado, here’s where we adventured…

The Barn Nursery

Last year, I stumbled upon the Barn Nursery’s Christmas Open House and fell in love. The place is huge and has all kinds of plants and gifts as well, plus a ton of Christmas swag. These folks even have Santa and Mrs. Claus in for free photos during their open house and a few other times before the holidays are over.

After our time at the Barn Nursery, we headed over the Refindery on McCallie. We had been in a time or two before and we were so stoked to find an amazing wall before we even got inside!



Once we got to the front of the store, I was reminded how much I love their entrance and their gorgeous yellow door. Add to that their small Christmas trees in the old tubs flanking the door- I was in love.



Once inside, we saw so many rad vintage goodies and things that I loved. Most of the front part of the store had a Christmas season flair to it and the booths towards the back had some holiday swag as well.

I was also stoked to run into Evelyn, the lovely lady behind the Hoo New Vintage booth. I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while now and it was rad saying hi face to face. She told me how she had some amazing vintage Christmas items in her booth that she recently got from a friend clearing out their parent’s house. The pink tree in the second photo, along with many of the other holiday items, she said were made by this friend’s Mom back in the 50’s and 60’s- how cool is that?

Doesn’t she have some nifty items?
These holiday finds are amazing!


Our final stop of the day was a trip to Hunt and Burrow Mercantile. We’ve been a couple of times before as well and I quite enjoyed their open house last Christmas, too. I got a few good ideas as we strolled and sipped hot cider through this antique mall.

So now that I’m somewhat inspired and watching “White Christmas” tonight (it’s on Netflix, btw), I’m working on getting my holiday spirit on. If nothing else, today’s open houses have gotten me inspired to clean up some so we can haul in the little bit of decorations and add to the cheer around these parts!

Do you do anything to get geared up for the holidays, even if they’re quite a few weeks out? 



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