November Apartment Wishlist


As I said a few weeks ago, we’ve got some company coming around Christmas and have been working on getting things straightened up and a little prettier. This is especially the case so we can put our holiday decorations up (the tree goes up Friday on our date night!) and feel a little more at ease as well.

In doing this organizing and cleaning, I’ve found a few items that would make our home even more flexible and pulled together, so here’s our wishlist of goodies we’d love to have in the house. (Spoilers: some of these items might just be what we’re getting for Christmas gifts for each other, too!)

Mr. Coffee Versatile Brew 12 Cup Coffee Maker 


Yes, we already have a coffee pot that works alright, but I’m about ready for an upgrade. My parents and Loss’ parents actually have this exact coffee maker and we love it, too. The best part about this machine is it includes a hot water dispenser. We make tea and hot chocolate a lot in our house (2-3 nights a week atleast on the tea!) and this baby heats the water up really fast. I’ve been wanting to get a hot water heater so we don’t have to turn the stove on for the kettle, but why not get a machine that does both?

Plus, at around $50, this is a steal for a coffee maker along with hot water (pretty much) on demand.

YouCopia Tea Stand 100+ Tea Bag Organizer


So, with all this tea we make, there are quite a few boxes of tea floating around the house. We actually have a basket of tea along with 4 or 5 boxes currently living on the kitchen table. I’ve been looking at the various types of tea bag storage options and this one is the best I can find out there. It can hold over 100 bags and looks to take up minimal space. This guy is admittedly the first thing on my ‘must buy’ list soon.

And hey, when we get that sweet coffee maker/water heater, it may live beside the machine, too.

Room Essentials Laundry Hamper


This one’s simple: the Ikea bags for dirty laundry work but I’m ready for a nicer looking solution. We don’t have much space (see a theme here?), so we have a small spot to store dirty laundry (and no washer/dryer in the apartment, either) and needs to have a lid on it so we don’t see it.  For now, I’ve found this $13 simple hamper from Target. It’s not my dream hamper, but it’s a good price point and meets all the qualifications I’m looking for right now. All I know is this will make the bedroom floor  look so much less cluttered and for that, I will be thrilled.

Altec H20 Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker 


This is my biggest “dream” item- a bluetooth speaker would be an awesome addition to our household. Loss and I both do quite a bit of listening to music and podcasts through our phones and while the sound is alright, it’s not quite what one of these speakers can do. I love the fact this one is waterproof and can also be used in the bathroom without any issues (come on, you know a long, relaxing bath needs some music on the speaker). I’ll let you know if this item comes to fruition in our home- you can find me dancing in the living room .

Are there any items that are on your wishlist right now?


5 thoughts on “November Apartment Wishlist

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    1. We love our magic bullet that we got for our wedding. We don’t use it a ton but a few times a month maybe & it’s good to do quite a few different things. We need a chair or two as well but but I held off because I’m not sure exactly what we’ll do about it… Oh furniture! Thanks for reading & commenting! 😍

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      1. haha yep! hard choices! we have the same problem! but I just need things to make me feel really at home! can’t wait to buy a few more bits and pieces! xx

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