100 Things I Love

Today is landmark, friends. Today marks 100 days that I’ve been posting daily here on JLB Nerdy! I haven’t missed a day and it’s honestly a feat that I wasn’t completely sure I’d accomplish. Some of the posts have admittedly not been the best content, but I followed through with my goal to complete something and I’ve atleast checked in daily.

At this point, daily posts don’t stress me out as much as they once did. I’ve found that topics generally show up in my life- I either write what’s on my mind or something that’s been on my radar. I’ve learned a bit about scheduling and planning ahead in my writing and also life and even though it’s nowhere near perfection, I’m growing in that area. One of my favorite things that Anna has taught me to remember is the statement of “I am in the process”. It’s practically my mantra, especially when looking at the blog.

In the spirit of 100 days of writing, I’ve decided to do “100 of something”, just like kindergartners do for 100 days of being in school. I was discussing the idea with Loss last night and came to the perfect topic: 100 things I love!

Here’s to 100 days of writing and so many more and 100 things (and more later, I’m sure) that I love!

People who read my blog & get me /  My family & friends / Chocolate / The Christmas Holiday / Having a Routine / Good quality make up / Laughing / Road Trips / Anna, the amazing life coach / Being a life long learner/ Pumpkin Spice Chai Lattes / Seeing how things connect and make sense in the long run / Thinking about the future / Reading what I want to read / Not doing math (unless it’s payday) /  Singing along to Toto songs with Loss /  Hoda and Kathie Lee’s show /  Sitting on a couch with a drink and a friend and talking for hours / Getting mail / A good concert / Window shopping with a little actual buying / Running errands with friends/ Having time to wake up & be productive before going to work / People who truly believe in me and are encouraging / Sending mail / Chinese food, especially homemade eggrolls / Gilmore Girls / Traveling / Skype calls with friends in Florida / Loss’ cooking / Writing / Leslie Knope / Instagram / Buying vinyl / RuPaul Charles / The feeling you get walking in your house after being on vacation / Sunday afternoon naps / Nashville / Wearing cozy clothes / Loss getting dressed up for date night or a just a run to the grocery store / My Mom / Being an LGBTQ+ ally and learning more about the community / Ulta / Amazing in-laws / Spotify playlists / Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp / Rad sister in laws / Online window shopping to figure out what I really want before going to a store / “AAA” by AAA Girls / The feeling you get after cleaning the kitchen and it looks amazing / A good organization before and after post / Planning ahead and it working out / Art Museums / Receiving packages in the mail / RuPaul’s Drag Race GIFs / Walt Disney World / Writing in bed / Inspiring quote / Snuggling with Loss / Self Care / Doing work that is fulfilling / Supporting local and small businesses / Giving gifts, regardless the time of year / Waiting to have kids / Baking / All the coffee /  Vintage everything /  A really good sale / Planning events / World Market / Being lazy and watching Netflix / Feeling productive / Two Ten Jack / Block parties / The perfect pair of jeans / My favorite American Apparel cardigans / Sephora in JC Penny (not the snooty normal store) / Hot tea before bed / Sitting by the fireplace at Starbucks / Hilarious Instagram stories / Aldi take and bake pizzas doctored up at home / That moment when my kiddos at work are having a truly fun time with me and I can see it in their eyes and usually makes me want to cry / Friends who push me to do more / Date Nights and Afternoons /  Checking things off the to do list / Getting Target money back cards when you buy x many of x products / Getting off work and just feeling good / Figment / Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar scent / Blog comments! / Dancing to fun music / Precocious Scamps / Watching films on TCM / Apple cider /  Losson. Just Losson ❤ / Martin’s Vids of classic Disney attractions that are no more / Singing super silly/ Good candles in glass jars / Brownies / YOU!

Thank you for reading along & being so sweet in your comments and liking of posts all along this journey- here’s to 100+ more days!


3 thoughts on “100 Things I Love

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  1. Jenny! I’m so proud of you for committing to 100 days and following through. I’m guilty of only upholding commitments that I make to others. I want to work on my commitments to myself. I struggle greatly with selfcare. Your blog today has inspired me. I’m going to figure out something today that I’d like to commit to for 100 days. Something that will promote better self care. As I’m writing now, I think I know what it should be. Walking! At least 15 minutes per day. It seems so easy, but I know I will struggle in the follow through. Thank You for inspiring me!


    1. Emily, your comment almost has me in tears! Thank you so much for the sweet words & if I can help someone think a little bit more about themselves or do something that is amazing. Good luck with your walking- let me know how it goes!!


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