The Golden Llamas at World Market


We found a Golden Llama!

World Market has a super fun promotion currently going on called the Golden Llama. It’s a fun scavenger hunt that rewards you if you’re the first person to find one of the five llama cards (like I’m holding in the photo). They are spread around the store and the best part is what you get once you find a lllama: a super sweet coupon!

The coupons are worth $20, $50 or $100 and are available everyday until November 22. The llama we found (full disclosure: we went when the store first opened and there were some people waiting to get in) earned up a $20 off $20+ purchase coupon.

So what did we get with this awesome coupon?

We got a pair of Ivory Bean Vanilla candles to decorate for the holidays with and another Adorn Glass Hurricane candle holder to match the other one we got last month. I’m so thrilled to have a matching set and matching candles for them!

Matching candles and some Jimmy Stewart on TCM..that’s a good night. =) 

Besides candles and a holder, you’ll see a huge bag of coffee in the photo. That huge guy was only $8 (on sale this week) and you know that’s one of the things we enjoy everyday.

Thank you, World Market for the fun scavenger hunt and goodies to enjoy- we’ll be thinking of you when we enjoy the candlelight and sip on our morning joe.

Have you been to World Market lately? What’s your favorite items? 


**This is not an ad, it’s just me finding fun promotions!**


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