Friday Four #10

Sorry for skipping a week, but here I am, back again, with four things on Friday I’m digging this week!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

1 Christmas Tree Night

Tonight, instead of going out for date night, it’s Christmas Tree night! Loss and I planning on ordering a pizza and putting up our tree, finally. If you can’t tell, the holidays are taking me over and I am so ok with this happening. There will certainly be more updates and a house tour once the decor is up and all pretty.



2 The Page 7 group on Facebook 

One of my favorite groups, especially lately, on Facebook has been the Page 7 group. The podcast is on the Last Podcast Network and I’ve talked a little about the show before when Jackie Zebrowsi (one of the co-hosts) was my #WCW. In the group, we pretty much talk about random celebrity gossip and pop culture news. My favorite part is the fact that many of the members have a similar sense of humor to mine, so we get each other. ❤

(It’s a closed group, so you have to join but if you are genuinely interested, you can request to be part of the group)

One of the lists of things for blog planning…one of the many

3 Planning Holiday Blog Posts

I’m in the middle of working on some recipes and gift giving projects for the holidays! I am so excited to have a day of cooking with my mom and have a family get together- then write some posts about them. It’ll be fun and hopefully super cute- I can’t wait to share them with you guys after Thanksgiving!


A beautiful cookbook I’m so stoked to use!

4 “Weekday Weekend” cookbook

Yesterday we received the “Weekday Weekend” cookbook that Emma and Elsie from A Beautiful Mess dropped this week. We had pre-ordered it a while ago and have been looking forward to trying out some new recipes.  Upon getting the book, it’s better than I even expected and has recipes without what I’d call “weird health food” ingredients. The photos are gorgeous and I’ll have a full review of the book as we try out a few dishes. For now, let’s just say I’m super stoked to try out some dishes that even surprise me a little bit!


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