Thanksgiving Dinner 1

Since the holidays can be so busy, my parents set Thanksgiving a few weeks ahead and we had a feast today with my Granny and Uncle Jerry. I haven’t seen them in quite a while and it was so awesome to hang out and just cut up for a bit with them.

Granny is a huge Alabama football fan

The festivities began last night with a football game, dinner and hanging out ( and maybe some looking at prices for a possible Disney World stay next year, you know, just because..). With the extra company in town, all the beds were occupied, so we had a camp out night in the living room. Joey (my brother) and his wife (Jacque) brought their sleeping bags and Loss and I took the couch and loveseat and pulled them together. We hadn’t had a slumber party like that in forever and it took me back to growing up and visiting my Granny’s house, when we’d all get a pallet on the floor of quilts and blankets piled up.

I made sure to claim the couch, not the floor
I got the loveseat but it was better with them pushed together

One of the best parts of my parent’s house are their 4 cats, whom I love greatly. When we woke up this morning, we were a little slow to move but I did get a greeting from a friend.

What a weirdo
Isn’t Callie so pretty? 

We went to church together and then came home to take a few photos together in our nice clothes and then got our feast on.

This makes me just happy. ❤ 
Joey and Jacque and I being ourselves 
And the feast! It was so amazing!

So, today was fantastic. I loved getting to spend time with my family and Granny and Uncle. I especially loved the fact Granny was on top of it and was picking on me, just like she did before she had some health issues in the past year or two. I just love her so much.

Do you do holidays on another day or do you do it on the specific day? 


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