Holiday Bucket List: Christmas Cards


So, I’m officially a holiday nerd and have some of my Christmas cards already ready to go (sans a stamp). Yeah, I’ve already written out a box full of cards that I picked up last year at the end of the season- and they’re super cute!

I don’t tend to mail them to folks I see on a regular basis, but I have a long list of friends from Twitter and the Disney community to send some mail to. After running through the first box, I have a mixed box of fun cards that I picked up at Wal Mart last weekend (they’ve got 32 cards for right at $3…they’re cute and perfect for a gal on a budget like me!).


Tonight I got a few more cards that I’m thrilled to put into my mailing rotation as well. They came in a fundraising letter from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). I love that they are continuing to share love and equality throughout the holiday season and sent a few cards to further this message.  If you aren’t familiar with the HRC, they are one of my favorite groups out there, fighting for equality for the LGBTQ+ community. They aren’t scared to stand up for what they believe in and to speak out when something needs to be had. I’m honored to share their message with some folks through these cards this holiday season.

I’m not planning on sending out these babies until after next week or so, but I’m so excited to have one thing already (almost) checked off of my Christmas Bucketlist and to keep on doing these tasks that make me happy and enjoy the season even more!

Are you a holiday card sender? Where do you find the cutest cards to be (without breaking the bank)?


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