Busy Saturday (11/18 Edition)

Christmas Tree Selfie

The day started out slow, but it eventually picked up some speed on this Saturday. I forgot to take photos earlier in the day, but after sleeping in til about 9 and letting Loss rest, we headed over to get his younger brothers and got lunch at Cici’s Pizza and went to see Thor Ragnarok (finally!).

We all agreed the movie was super great (it was Loss’ second time seeing it) and it was awesome getting to hang out with his brothers for a bit.

Wore my knee socks that make me feel like the Wicked Witch of the West a little

After the movie, we came back home and it’s turned into a movie night for me as well. So far, I’ve had my TCM junkie hat on this morning and tonight, watching most of “Adam’s Rib” (with the awesome Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy) earlier in the day. This evening, I’ve been thoroughly creeped out by “Westworld” ( I had no clue it started out as a film) and currently I’m enjoying some James Stewart in Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”.

There’s some delish smelling garlic in the oven baking and I just popped my new Golden Llama win candles into the candle holders here in the living room. I’m about to look at making some brooches out of felt (Amy Sedaris would be proud) and am working on getting my brain around some more holiday and pre-holiday party prep. Here’s hoping the Diet Coke holds out and the caffeine can help keep me going for another hour or two.

How’s your Saturday been? I hope fantastic! 


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