2017 Christmas Bucket List


A month or two ago, a friend turned me on to Kelle Hampton’s instagram and blog and I have fallen for her- seriously. She is an amazing mama, writer and general life cheerleader who enjoys her Target and Christmas decorations.

One of the holiday things that she posted about is a Holiday Bucket List and hers inspired me to create my own (follow that link and hers is actually available as a printable). I love having a place to list the traditions that Loss and I have been doing the past two holiday seasons and continue to do and expound on. Kelle’s list is a little bit longer than mine but it made me so happy to sit down and create a list for ourselves.


Our list includes some of our favorite Chattanooga based events (Main x 24 and antique mall open houses, the Choo Choo Christmas tree photo), things that make me think of growing up and Christmases past (watching a Muppet Family Christmas special, Rock City lights) and a few new things for the year (out of town roadtrip and sending Christmas cards).

I can’t help but be so excited for the holiday season and fun things Loss and I and some of our family and friends are going to be doing. Even though it’s a busy time for Loss at work and our schedules are a little crazy (okay, a lot), we’ve been making an effort to carve out some time for these special things and to start crossing off to dos on the bucket list.

Do you have a holiday bucket list? What’s on it? 


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