Tuesday In Photos

So instead of a bunch of writing today, I’ve opted to take another approach on the day’s post; photos

So, here is the day, no fuss, no muss, Tuesday:


Our tea bag holder arrived! Well, it’s been on our side porch we never use since Thursday…thanks, Fed Ex.


It was chilly this morning & I’ve refound my love of sweatpants & sweatshirts. Cozy happiness!


Went through some old photos for a future blog post & got a little misty eyed when I saw these photos from our first trip to Disney together in 2013. Then I got a little mopey over how long it’s been since we’ve gone back. But it’ll happen, one day…


Had a meeting after work, so swung by Sonic and a Carhop Classic… $3 for a burger & fries? Yes please!

Meeting time! Got the toffee almond milk hot chocolate and it was super yummy! We’ve switched to almond milk instead of cow’s milk for a few months now and I can tell a difference in having less dairy (cut out a lot of cheese, too).  I loved how this drink didn’t make me feel quite so full and yucky after drinking it all too.  Also included is my handy dandy drink coozie my mom knitted and I embellished and my fave pen for note taking.

So there you have it..some of my random Tuesday in pictures. It’s nothing too outrageous, but I thought it’d be a fun way to share the day. I hope your Tuesday was awesome as well!


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