WCW: My Mother-in-Law

Loss and his mom getting ready for our wedding ❤

This week’s Women Crush Wednesday is all about a lady who seems to do it all: my mother-in-law Vicky.

I’ve known this sweet lady since the summer of 2012 (we spent a lot of time at Loss’ parents house when we dated).

The Yacht Club at Disney from that first amazing trip

Vicky blows my mind. She does that thing moms do the best: somehow they do it all. She is constantly spreading her love and kindness to every person she ever comes in contact with. She will never let a person leave the house hungry, be alone for a holiday or feel they are less than highly valued. She gives everyone a shot and asks why not if you haven’t seemed to do so yourself (we all need those reminders sometimes).

Vicky is an amazing Mom and Mimi (grandmother) who shows nothing but unconditional love, even when it’s not always easy (teenage boys, need I say more?). She always supports her kids, kids that married into the family and anyone else that comes around.

She helped make these amazing memories possible

One big thing that Vicky has done (amongst so much for Loss and I) for me is reminding me of my love for Disney. After dating for almost a year, I was invited to travel to Walt Disney World with their family. I hadn’t visited as an adult ever (my last trip prior was at age 18), so I got to go back at 25 with my future in-laws. My passion for the company and especially the parks has been rekindled with that first grown up, super magical trip. We’ve visited a few times since and I’m ready for a return trip when the time is right, but nothing will ever match the greatness of that first trip with Loss and his family- I’ll never forget that.


Mickey aside, Vicky has always been a cheerleader, advice giver and a voice that we trust. She will have a house full of people and a kitchen full of delicious food come Thanksgiving Day tomorrow and I want to make sure she knows that we are very thankful for her. I honestly don’t think that I could have asked for a better mother-in- law.

Are you lucky enough to have fantastic in-laws? Let them know! 


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