Thanksgiving II: Turkey Day


It’s officially Turkey day and I’m definitely thankful for so much.

We spent the day at Loss’ family’s house and quite enjoyed our time with everyone. We worked together in the kitchen and laughed. We sat together and ate delish food. We all caught up and had a fun time together.

Cutie nephew Wyatt just chilling
Our other nephew Spencer helping Meg make dumplins
Loss and his mini-me Jack goofing off
Me and my best girl Meg

And the star of the show: the plate!


After we ate, Meg spotted four deer chilling across the street, eating some grass and it was pretty cool to see in the middle of a neighborhood.

Loss had work tonight, so this evening my Mom came by and picked me up for a little Black Friday shopping. We hit Michaels and got some goodies for some DIY presents for the holidays.


We only hit one store and we don’t normally do the shopping thing on Thanksgiving, but we came on home after our first stop. So for now, I’m a happy lady with a cat snoring my lap..


I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving and that you get some good rest or good sleep after your lunch or dinner!


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