Christmas Wrapping

My impromptu brunch and shopping companions!

Today I got to go on a little impromptu adventure with Joey and Jacque (bro and sister in law) that culminated in a trek to the mall. I picked up a few goodies for Christmas gifts along the way and am wrapping them up tonight!

So what if they’re all Disney Princesses and Super Hero Girls and a random not for me roll? They’re fun! 

I’m pretty stoked to have picked up wrapping paper at the end of last year so I’m ready to roll, too. I’m especially excited to work on a big box surprise gift. I’m finding that many of the goodies I’m gifting this year are part of baskets. There’s something extra fun that I’m loving  putting together things that are perfect for my loved ones. I’ll go more in depth on the baskets soon.

So here we go…one more fun holiday activity ahead!

Packages to get ready and wrapped!

Do you use bags or paper or baskets? Do you keep it to a theme? Tell me all about it!


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