Friday Four: Main x 24 Edition

Main x 24 is my favorite day of the year in Chattanooga and I am so excited it’s coming around again this weekend! So here’s my four favorite aspects of the 24 hour festival that is tomorrow, December 2.

The Parade

The best parade!

The EPB sponsored parade is my favorite in Chattanooga, all year. It brings out groups that aren’t typically in your holiday parade, such as a circus act group (including firebreathers!), the Chattanooga Roller Girls team, a whole portion that is all vintage Volkswagen cars and vans and dogs who are up for adoption that day. It’s just so much fun and incredibly fun, funky and original, just like the Main Street area and Chattanooga itself.

The Food

Arugula on pizza? With lemon? And Prosciutto? Yes please!

Every year, we find some pretty awesome new grub during Main x 24. Last year, we visited the Local Slice pizza truck and were amazed at the wood fired pizza from a food truck. We’ve enjoyed decorating (and eating) cookies at Mean Mug Coffee Shop and freshly made Neidlovs Bakery. A few years back we even taste tested some chili at the Chili Cook Off. We find new places to eat later on in the year too. It’s the best open house for food and to just walk around to see spots we might miss when we are driving around.

The Shopping

My fave tree in town at the Chattanooga Choo Choo

Main x 24 isn’t only for dining, there are some awesome shops and pop up shops that share their message and products on this day. I’ve met some awesome artists and picked up some fun goodies during past Mx24 and have also found places to check out for gifts or whatnot during the rest of the year. Plus, so many of the items I see when visiting the shops on this day are holiday related and that just makes my heart happy.

The Feeling

I love this shirt from 2016’s Main x 24

The best part of Main x 24, hands down, is the feeling of everyone around. With all the holiday music and excitement in the air, it seems everyone is in a good mood. From the police stopping traffic for the parade to the shopowners  to people just walking down the sidewalk, there’s an air of excitement. All the community is out and celebrating the year, their friends and family, their art. It’s hard to explain- when you walk down the sidewalk to find a parade viewing spot, coffee or cider in hand, having Buddy Shirk playing Christmas songs on the organ, right there on the sidewalk- it’s just that great.  This is why it’s my favorite day in the entire year.

If you’re anywhere near Chattanooga on Saturday, come by and check out all that Main x 24 has to offer- I guarantee you’ll have an awesome and festive time!


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