TCM’s Holiday Movies Schedule


The last year or two, I’ve become quit the Turner Classic Movie fan and I tend to spend most of my time with the channel during the colder months (you can see my love for TCM and the group TCM Party crew on twitter in an earlier post). I just tend to spend more time hibernating and chilling with hot chocolate or tea and love nothing better than a good holiday film.

The past two years I’ve watched plenty of holiday films on this channel and it’s my favorite time of the year to watch. Therefore, I’ve taken the liberty of perusing the December schedule of films and will share my picks with you. I’m by no means an expert, but I know and little and would love to perhaps introduce you to a new film or two or atleast share some happiness with you.

I’ll include the date it is being aired this month, the time and a link to the IMDB page for more information about the film. Hint: if you have on demand through your cable provider, these films will show up on there so you don’t have to stay up til 3 AM to watch them unless you just really want to. 

“The Shop Around the Corner” starring Margaret Sullivan and James Stewart

The Shop Around the Corner: 3rd at noon, 13th at 8 pm, 25th at 6 pm

A Christmas Carol (1951): 8th at 8 pm

“It Happened on 5th Avenue”

It Happened on 5th Avenue: 9th at 2 pm, 15th at 11:45 AM, 24th at 10 AM

Holiday Affair: 10th at Noon, 15th at 10 PM, 24th at 2:15 PM

“Meet Me in St. Louis” (and get the songs stuck in your head)

Meet Me in St. Louis: 10th at 1:45 PM, 12th at Midnight, 24th at 6 PM

Night At the Movies: A Merry Christmas: 11th at 6:45 PM, 17th at 8:45 AM (This is a documentary style show with clips of Christmas films throughout history. I watched it last year and it’s a pretty cool thing for a film nerd to watch.)

A Christmas Carol (1938): 16th at 12:15 PM, 24th at 2 AM


Christmas in Connecticut: 17th at 12:15 PM, 22nd at 8 PM, 24th at 4 PM

The Bishop’s Wife: 17th at 2:15 PM, 24th at 8 PM

Remember the Night: 22nd at 10 PM


Little Women: 22nd at 4:15 AM, 24th at 6 AM

King of Kings: 23rd at 5 PM

Babes in Toyland (1934): 25th at 9 AM (This is the Laurel & Hardy film, not the Disney version, fyi)

Wednesday the 20th is the Disney night for the quarter and could possibly be filled with holiday content  but I’m not sure. I do know that around 2 AM they’re showing Pete’s Dragon.

Of course, there’s always a few stand outs elsewhere too.NBC always seems to show “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve and “White Christmas” is currently on Netflix (and my fave- I’ve already watched it 3x this year!). I’m sure if you dig around some more on Netflix and Hulu, you can find more holiday film jewels!

What are your favorite classic Christmas films? 



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