A Magical December Friday

Today was a super magical Friday in December! 

I started the day off with some Christmas shopping (finally!) At Target & JC Penney & Hot Topic. It was so awesome to walk around, take my time and work on crossing things off my list for Christmas. 

Before I went in to Target, something even more spectacular happened: it started snowing! Let me explain, this doesn’t normally happen in Chattanooga before Christmas. And it snowed for quite a while- at least 3-4 hours. 

When I left the mall, I had to take some photos of the awesome scene.

After the shopping jaunt, it was off to work & the day was easier than normal due to the weather and school closing early in town. 

After work, Loss and I enjoyed our Friday evening at Forbidden City, our favorite place for sushi and Chinese food. 

So now we’re going to chill out, relax and work on planning our super packed last weekend to prep for our firstord than one night house guest! 

What makes a day magical to you?


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