Prep Time Crunch Time 

We had a fantastic weekend hanging out and getting pretty much all of our Christmas shopping knocked out and wrapping it up, too. I’m so stoked it’s taken care of, but that has left us at crunch time.

This weekend, my good friend Ken who lives in Orlando is coming to spend a long weekend with us here in Chattanooga. We are so excited to have a guest, but it’s our first time having someone here for more than one night. Of course, having a guest for a few nights is making me a little stressed and feeling like I’ve got to get everything done- now.  I know that Ken isn’t too worried about how the place looks or if it’s perfect, but I want to make sure it’s nice & cozy- plus get all the Christmas stuff ready to go, too. 

So if I’m more MIA this week and continue skimpier posts, you now know why. I’ll be sure to share all the adventures we go on while our company is here and share the holiday cheer we find! For now, the crunch time charges on!


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