The Year in Instagram

The most liked & my happy heart

The other day, I posted about my most played Spotify tunes and I’m stoked to have my top 9 photos of the year. You can find yours at (super original, right?).

So how about a quick run down of the photos included (left to right, top to bottom):

  1. THE bear: Bass Pro has some  fun stuff, including a big ole taxidermy bear
  2. My March trip to Orlando and the boat ride in Winter Park, on the gorgeous lake. We had an awesome time seeing the sights from the water, including Carrot Top’s house!)
  3. A throw back to our wedding day- one of my favorite photos from the day, right in front of a train at the Chattanooga Choo Choo
  4. All the fun stuff displayed on my Disney wall- including nowhere near the entire tsum tsum collection
  5. The Target collection, A New Day, dropped this fall. It’s super adorable and I’m glad folks have dug it. It’s so cute!
  6. I made a new friend this year, Elise, and she was a great coffee date to pick her brain on running a small business.
  7. Gnome me? Cute, eh?
  8. An OOTD from earlier this year…I can look dress up every so often, who knew?
  9. Christmas cards from HRC this year-I actually finally mailed them out today. So stoked to have the cards hit all my friends’ mailboxes!

Have you gotten your top 9 for 2017? Did it look like you thought it would? Let me know!


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